„And lo! How brightly burned their lanthorn! Casts it back the shadow of Occurian design! Testament that Man’s history shall be his alone!“

„Yet without power, what future can you claim? What good a kingdom you cannot defend?“

„And when I take it from you, it will be mine.“

„You’ll never fly anything if you’re rotting in a dungeon!“

„The gods do not smile upon us.“

„So young. You’re barely old enough to be a man, you shouldn’t be forced to wield a sword.“

„No, we cannot escape the past. This man is living proof. What is your past, daughter of Dalmasca? Did you not swear revenge? Do the dead not demand it?“

„Why do you hesitate? Take what is yours. The Cryst was a blade, it was meant for you. Wield it!“

„I have discarded wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past had been cut away forever. No longer can my ears hear the Green Word.“

„You’ve let your eyes betray your heart …“