„Life and death, victory and defeat, honor and disgrace … Each of these go hand in hand. There’s only one way or the other.“

„You can find out things about the past that you never knew. And from what you’ve learned, you may see some things differently in the present. You’re the one that changes. Not the past.“

„Oh well, nothing’s cheaper than something free.“

„This is reality. No one can help you. Sit back and enjoy the show.“

„This is great … I have a Chicken-wuss and a guy who just reached puberty in my squad …“

„It’s not like I drifted here on the tides of fate. I’m here because I chose to be here.“

„Someone might not be there. Someone you love may disappear before your very eyes. It’s tough when you live your life thinking that way. But that’s why I fight …“

„Train Train, take us away, take us away, far away, to the future, We will go, where it leads, no one knows.“

„SeeD! SeeeeD! SeeeeeeeD!“

„You tell us to go, we go. Even if it’s a losing battle.“