„Ist es Materia? Ist es Eis? – Nein! Es ist Materia-Eis!“

„Who …? … You know who! … You, that’s who.“

„No matter what anyone else says to me, it´s your opinion that counts …“

„Did you find what you were looking for? – Good. Now never let it go again.“

„Those wings … I want them, too.“

„I was thinking it would be a normal day, but then suddenly… Some guy fell out of the sky.“

„One day, I’ll take you to see a beautiful sky, the real sky. It’s not frigtening at all. I know you’re gonna love it.“

„Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul. Pride is lost. Wings stripped away, the end is nigh. Such is … the fate of a monster.“

„Would you say I became a hero?“

„Whether your words are lies created to deceive me, or the truth, that I have sought all my life, it makes no difference. You will rot.“